We’ve regular visitors to our research group from overseas plus new students arriving. Here we start a page with some tips:

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Food: Count Down, Lim-chhour (vegetables inexpensive), New World metro, Avondale farmers market.
Many restaurants around the University.

Stationary: Warehouse and Dollarshops (a few on Queens Street)

Bus, train, ferry: Britomart, university AT counter. Better to have AT HOP card if you are planning daily travel. Airport bus from Airport to Auckland CBD $20

Post office: university post services@ student centre ( inside the pharmacy), Wyndham st ( near Queens street Katmandu shop)

Clothes: Queens street.

Pharmacy: University student center, Unichem pharmacies on Queens street.

Emergency number: 111

Places to visit in and from the city

  • Predator free bird sanctuary called Tiritiri Maitangi which is a fairly early start but back by 6ish (get ferry from Auckland city harbour)
  • Muriwai Beach is a very interesting place for walks and gannets and is about an hour’s drive west of Auckland
  • Tawharanui Regional Park This is one of our favourite places for the beach, but also beautiful walks both along the beach and in native bush with native birds (If you venture further north, then it would be best to incorporate this into that trip). About 1.5-hour drive north of Auckland.
  • Goat Island Marine Reserve first Marine Reserve in New Zealand, great snorkelling with lots of fish. Toilets and changing rooms and information panels on site. About 1.5-hour drive north of Auckland.

Further north:

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