Here are some links

  1. – focus on physical and Earth sciences
  2. – the leading site in USA
  3. – leading site in UK, with some positions in Ireland as well
  4. – leading site in Canada
  5. ResearchGate is increasingly popular because it is free.
  6. You can also set up automatic notices with journals like Nature and Science.
  7. If you are targeting particular employers then you can sometimes register online to get automatic notices of new positions, or at least save the website links to check manually at intervals.
  8. Many email lists occasionally have advertisements posted, such as British Ecological Society BES-ECOL-AQUATIC and Macroecology lists, Taxacom (taxonomy and related topics), and others exist for crustaceans Crust-L, molluscs, algae Algae-L and more.
  9. Marine biology and biodiversity-related: MARINE-B, the MArine Research Information NEtwork on Biodiversity, is for communication-related to marine biodiversity research. From 2010 it is the official email network of the International Association for Biological Oceanography The archive of list messages is at Attachments are prohibited to prevent virus transmission. To join send message “SUBSCRIBE MARINE-B firstname surname” to (to leave say UNSUBSCRIBE). Omit your signature and anything else you may normally add. You will get an automated response.
  10. National organisations also advertise positions, such as the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society email list (see also and
  11. Other social media platforms also advertise positions, notably LinkedIn, but also ResearchGate.

Please email me or add additional resources to the comment box below.

Short term travel funding from OECD for travelling Fellowships and conference support, and FAO Fellowships.

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