The University of Auckland funds undergraduate students from New Zealand and overseas to conduct research with particular academic staff during the New Zealand summer (December-February). The scholars are paid NZ$6,000 for 10 weeks full-time. The idea is that such students will be inspired to do graduate studies at the university. Students who have just completed their degree are eligible, but not graduate students. Applicants are ranked by their GPA/GPE (most of >6 / 9) and CV. Scholarships are allocated based on the size of the academic departments or school. The call for scholarships typically occurs in June with a deadline in August. For details click here.

The Cawthorn Institute in Nelson funds summer scholarships, as does the New Zealand Department of Conservation, see here. Auckland Council also have an ‘Environmental Student Partnership Programme‘, where students gain practical work experience with their Research and Evaluations Unit (RIMU). The Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre (MERC) also regularly seeks people to help with school marine education programmes, as do the Experiencing Marine Reserves programme.


We get regular enquiries from students wishing to do internships with our group. We prioritise applicants who already have some skills and interests in our groups research and will be here sufficiently long to contribute to one or more of our groups research.

Occassionally we also host post-graduate students from other universities who collaborate with one or more of our team to produce co-authored publications.

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