When I began work at the University of Auckland I inherited Bill’s post-graduate diploma and MSc course on Marine Reserves. We became close friends and spent a lot of time talking about reserves and other topics.  Here are some links to articles about him and radio interviews. They list his numerous awards.


Bill Ballantine: 1996 Goldman Prize winner, New Zealand 

1996 Goldman Environmental Prize Ceremony: Bill Ballantine

Dr Bill Ballantine

Bill presented this movie about “Marine Reserves For New Zealand (1993)“, insights, benefits, (20 minutes) and he appears briefly in this one “Marine Science Opportunities at the Leigh Laboratory (1994)” 

Radio New Zealand:

Bill Ballantine: New Zealand’s pioneer of marine conservation

Kermadec region becomes an open ocean sanctuary

2009 interview

Bill’s website

Wikipedia page


1996 Goldman Prize Recipient Islands and Island Nations

Dive New Zealand Magazine Recognition Award

New Zealand’s Marine Biologist Dr Bill Ballantine visits Hong Kong’s only Marine Reserve at Cape d’Aguilar


This obituary lists Bill’s scientific publications: Bill Ballantine (1937–2015), a father of marine reserves. By Kathy Walls and Dennis Gordon in the journal Biological Conservation

Bill Ballantine, a voice for the sea by Kennedy Warne in New Zealand Geographic.

New Zealand Herald 

The topmost photograph was taken by Bill Skerry of National Geographic.

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