Fishers or fishermen

You may have noticed people using the word ‘fishers’ to mean ‘fishermen’. The term ‘fishers’ is an archaic English word that fell out of use. This history is explained by Branch and Kleiber (2017) but unfortunately, they do not...

Bob May: an amazing bio-diverse scientist

Bob May (1938-2020) provided mathematical support for the theory that species diversity is essential for maintaining the healthy ecosystems that provide humanity food, health, pleasure, and knowledge.  He died on 28 April 2020. (Guardian Obituary) (Sydney Morning...
Mapping the top 30% of ocean’s biodiversity

Mapping the top 30% of ocean’s biodiversity

The oceans top 30% for biodiversity The marine biodiversity research group at the University of Auckland has published a world map of where most biodiversity is in the ocean. This is the most representative map of biodiversity to date because it considers marine life...

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