Free data for research projects

With recent limitations on access to laboratories and fieldwork due to covid19, there is renewed interest in doing research that can be done anywhere with an internet link and/or computer access. There is a rapidly increasing amount of scientific data freely available...
Tips on CV presentation

Tips on CV presentation

When it comes to applying for a position, we cannot do much to change our qualifications and other facts but we can adjust its content to communicate what is most relevant for the position and take care of its layout. Principles Who is the CV for? Tailor it for...

Tips for writing a thesis

The best tip is to start writing now, as soon as you start the research. Do not wait until after you have some data. The thesis is the only thing examined for a PhD, and sometimes for an MSc. It does not matter how much lab and field work you did. Nor how many...
Choosing a MSc or PhD supervisor

Choosing a MSc or PhD supervisor

In an ideal world, you find your passion and get a scholarship to study it with a leading expert in the field. I had friends who did unexciting PhDs and then switched to their passion, and never looked back. A PhD is foremost, training in science. Keeping this in...

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