Our team, past and present

Current team members

Recent past team members

  • Victoria Lai – predicting effect of ocean warming on the distribution of sea lice fish ectoparasites (MSc)
  • Janine Cunningham – global biodiversity of fungi (MSc)
  • Tri Arfianti – Biogeography and ecology of amphipod crustaceans (PhD)
  • Joko Pamungkas – Biogeography and ecology of polychaetes (PhD)
  • Nestor Robinson – Modelling distribution of invasive seaweeds (PhD)
  • Dinusha Jayathilake – Mapping marine biomes of the world (PhD)
  • Qianshuo Zhao – Mapping marine ecosystems of the world (PhD)
  • Nicholas MacRae – nutrients and marine ecology in Pacific island coral reef lagoons (MSc)
  • Ana Markic – Plastic pollution in the South Pacific (PhD)
  • Katherine Kelly – Research assistant and scientific editing
  • Melanie Hayden – preparation and analysis of marine datasets
  • Maria Charry – Estuarine copepods as contaminant bioassays (PhD)
  • Chhaya Chaudhary – Latitudinal gradients in marine species richness (PhD)
  • India Merrick – Using species data to design Marine Reserve networks (MSc)
  • Rikki Taylor – Indices of ecosystem status in fishery time-series data (MSc)
  • Irawan Assad – Scientific design of a Marine Protected Area network in the Coral Triangle (PhD)
  • Sarah Beauvais – Global ecology of introduced and invasive marine species (visiting researcher)
  • Antoine Journad – Global ecology of introduced and invasive marine species (visiting researcher)
  • Marta Pagès – Global biodiversity and biogeography of Bryozoa (visiting researcher)
  • Phuping Sucharitakul – Global biogeography of Scyphozoa jellyfish (visiting researcher)
Alumni - Auckland

Laura McLeod

Light-traps for sampling marine biodiversity

Dr. Hanieh Saeedi

Global biogeography of razor clams (PhD)

Now a Post doctoral at Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt, Germany

Dr. Charley Waters

Biology and restoration of giant clam populations (PhD)

Now a Marine Science Consultant, Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Zeenatul Basher

Ecology and distribution modelling of benthic shrimp of Antarctica (PhD)

Now at Research Technologist, Michigan State University & USGS , Virginia, U.S.A.

Susan Jackson

Prioritisation of areas in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park for conservation (MSc)

Now Environmental Scientist at Beca, management consultants

Aron Katona

Baseline survey of community ecology in a Marine Reserve (MSc)

Now Biologist at Biologist at Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, USA

Marcella Garcia Carrillo

Global assessment of marine endemism for conservation planning (MSc)

Now Program Lead Guide at Calgary Zoo, Canada

Cherrys Abrigo

Connectivity between Marine Reserves of New Zealand (MSc)

Ecologist in the Philippines.

Zara Powdrill

Ecology of hydrothermal vents, Bay of Plenty (MSc)

At Sports Chalet, California, USA

Oriana Brine

Fouling on small boats in Auckland as an invasive species risk (MSc)

Now with Sanford Ltd, previously with Ministry Primary Industries, New Zealand

Senoveva Mauli

Marine ecosystem goods and services in the Solomon Islands (MSc)

Now Director of Solomon Islands Community Conservation Partnership, previously with The Nature conservancy, Solomon Islands

Sophie Taptiklis

Chemical defence induction in seaweeds and role of zinc contamination (MSc)

School Teacher in New Zealand

Emma Crofsky

Sub-tidal communities near Taranaki (MSc)

Director at Tidal – Interior Logistics, Taranaki, New Zealand

Kristina Hillock

Vulnerability of communities to invasive species (MSc)

Now Marine Ecologist at Department of Conservation, New Zealand

Javier Atalah

Temporal and spatial patterns in marine communities (MSc)

Now completed PhD and a Marine Ecologist at the Cawthorn Institute, Nelson, New Zealand

Saskia Otto

Disturbance effects on marine fouling (MSc)

Now completed PhD and a Research Scientist and Equal Opportunity Commissioner at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

Alumni - Dublin

Dr Brian Quinn

Zebra mussels as biomonitors of oestrogen mimicking chemicals (PhD)

Now Reader in Ecotoxicology at University of West Scotland

Dr Evelyn Moorkens (ResearchGate)

Conservation of the freshwater pearl mussel, Margaritifera durrovensis (PhD)

Now European expert in conservation of molluscs and Environmental Consultant, Ireland

Bryan Deegan

Biology and behaviour of wrasse (MSc)

Now Managing director of Altemar Ltd Marine and Environmental Consultants, Ireland

Dr Mark Johnson

Nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics in Lough Hyne (PhD)

Professor in Marine Environment 

National University of Ireland, Galway

Zakia Massik

Availability of fish farm effluents to phytoplankton (MSc)

Now raising a family in Rome, Italy

Siobhan Lysaght

Ecology of wrasse in Ireland, Shetland & Norway (MSc)

Now International Trade and Investment Representative at State of Illinois European Office, Brussels

Colum Smith

Ecotoxicology of chloramine T as used in freshwater fish farms (MSc)

Environmental Health Manager with Bristol-Myers Squibb biopharmaceutical company, Ireland

Isabelle Kurz

Land cover to water quality in the River Nore (MSc)

Inspector at Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ireland

Michelle Larkin

Riparian management for the River Nore (MSc)

Marie Louise Heffernan

Coastal conservation and shellfish culture (MSc)

Now Director at the The Ecology Centre, Aster Environmental Consultants Ltd, Ireland

Jackie Hunt

Beach survey methods for conservation evaluation (MSc)

Consultant Ecologist, Ireland

Fiona McCoole

Characteristics and impact of effluent from land-based fish farms in Ireland

Inspector at Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ireland

Suzanne Dempsey

Characteristics and impact of effluent from land-based fish farms in Ireland

Spatial planning specialist at Irish Water, Ireland

Sharon Casey

Conservation of the roseate tern on Rockabill Island, Co. Dublin (MSc)

Heritage Officer, Cork County Council, Ireland

Mary Briody

Quality of fish farm effluents and sludges (MSc)

Natalie Mason

Fish associated with marine salmon cages and their parasites (MSc)

Executive Assistant to Food Finance Director at Dunnes Stores, Ireland

Paul Murphy

Wildlife and marine salmon farming in Ireland (MSc)

Director at EirEco Environmental Consultants

Denise Maloney

Nutrient levels in water and sediments under freshwater salmon cages (MSc)

Enda Thompson

Pollutant loadings and effluent treatment at Atlantic salmon smolt farms (MSc)

Environmental Programme Manager, Ireland

Evelyn Moorkens

The freshwater pearl mussel, Margaritifera margaritifera in Ireland (MSc)

Ecological consultant, Ireland.

Maurice Clarke

Toxicity ivermectin to sediment feeding amphipods (BA Hon)

Team Leader, Fisheries, Marine Institute, Ireland

Karen Fretwell

Effects of sewage sludge on marine Crustacea (MSc)


Stuart Beckhurst

Haematology of cod exposed to sewage sludge (MSc)

Research Assistants and Post Doctorals - Auckland

Louise Franklin

Environmental Systems Coordinator at Sanford Limited, New Zealand

Aerie Shore

Student in California

Bella Doohan

Student in California

Alison Birmingham

Marguerita Lane

Senior Economic Consultant at London Economics Ltd, London

Dr Alan Cheung

Lecturer Auckland University of Technology and consultant GIS developer

Dr Sonny Lee

Post-doctoral scholar at University of Chicago Medicine, USA

Yingjing (Sara) Li

Legal consultant with UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), Rome, Italy

Kai Xiong

Statistical Consultant at the University of Auckland

Brice Remy Zephir

Marine Scientist at Gardline Marine Sciences Pty Australia

Kevin Leleu

Marine Park Manager, Parc Naturel Marin du Bassin d’Arcachon

Dr Camilo Mora

Professor at University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

Muhammad Sulayman,

Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland

Husnain Naqvi

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Auckland

Lee Jenks

Asghfield Health Care Ltd, UK

Josef Heled

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Computational Evolution, University of Auckland

Research Assistants and Post Doctorals - Canada

Paula Noel

Nature Conservancy of Canada, New Brunswick Program Manager

April Stevens

PhD student in Canada

Candace Rose-Taylor

Biologist at Cascade Environmental Resource Group Ltd.

Lisa Robichaud

Tanya Leverette

Project Manager, Marine Ecosystem Services, GRID-Arendal, Norway

Susan Steele

Chair, Sea Fisheries Protection Authority, Ireland

Research Assistants and Post Doctorals - Ireland

Chris Emblow

Senior Consultant at Arctic Frontiers, Akvaplan-niva, Norway

Jenny Dowse

Environment officer with Queensland department Science, IT and Arts

Peter Baxter

Lecturer University of Queensland, Brisbane

Sinead Begley

Managing Director at Sinead Begley and Associates, Ireland

Emer Crean

Lecturer at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Ireland

Bernard Picton

Curator of marine invertebrates at National Museums of Northern Ireland

Dr Elizabeth Sides

Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Ireland

Brigitte Neilson

Publishing professional with Cook Medical Europe Ltd, Ireland

Mona McCrea

Marine ecology consultant.

Paul Tierney

Assistant Professor, Anatomy, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Louise Duffy (Martin)

Database Administrator at SmartFlow Compliance Solutions

Cleaner-fish to control sea lice project

Will Darwall

Head, Freshwater Biodiversity Unit at IUCN, UK

Siobhan Lysaght

International Trade and Investment Representative at State of Illinois European Office, Brussels

Dr Oliver Tully

Fisheries Team Leader at Marine Institute, Ireland

Richard Donnelly

Aquaculture Business Planning Manager at the Irish Sea Fisheries Board, Ireland

Denise McCorry

Senior Environmental Advisor – Biodiversity and Impact Assessment at Woodside Energy, Hong Kong


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